Hello! My name is Amanda Delgado, and I am the owner and photographer behind Amanda Delgado Photography!

I started ADP in 2014 and I focus on providing fine art quality products to my clients across central and eastern North Carolina. I am studying Business Entrepreneurship with a minor in Marketing. I am passionate about giving my clients tangible product so that they may enjoy their photography for generations to come.

Some of my talents include the ability to pose you in the most flattering way for your body type. I can shape light to bring out the highlights and colors in your eyes, and leave your skin aglow. I can come up with a workflow to make the most of our time together. I provide all of my clients with contracts and safeguards, treating everyone as I would want to be treated. Above all I am a professional, and with that I aim to provide the best possible service possible to my clients.



I am blessed to call the great state of North Carolina my home, along with my amazing husband, two rescue pups, and my horse Athena.

My husband and I love exploring new towns and hitting up local resturants. I am obsessed with cupcakes and donuts covered with sprinkles. We love hiking, going to the beach, going to country music concerts, and shooting weapons, but we also love cuddling on the couch to watch The Office, New Girl, or Nashville. My husband is truly my best friend!

My childhood was spent at the best place on Earth, on a horse’s back! My mom had me in the saddle before I could walk and throughout the years I never outgrew that horse crazy phase.

I grew up with my own horses until my freshman year of high school, where we had to move to Japan. I was devastated having to sell my horse and always felt a little lost without horses in my life.

I would ride at various barns and was fortunate to have them near, but something still always felt missing. In November 2015 I rescued my paint mare Athena!

Athena had been beaten, starved, and neglected before I found her. Between the abuse and a life threatening leg injury no one wanted her, and many told me I was foolish for investing my time and money into her. Between the vets telling me she would never be sound enough to be ridden again and her dangerous temperament, so many around me told me to put her down.

I gave her a chance and miraculously Athena not only completely recovered from her leg injury, but has turned into a stunning and sweet show horse. She is by far my greatest equine experience and my once in a lifetime horse. You can read about our journey and our pursuit of the Pinto World Show by clicking the link below!