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When I met Ashlynn and her mom Michelle at Fayetteville NC’s The Coffee Scene for our pre-consult, I knew we were going to be the perfect fit. Ashlynn is a High School Senior at Village Christian Academy, and I was so excited when she picked me to be her High School Senior Photographer. When she said she loved fashion and dressing up, I knew we were in for a great senior shoot!

A few days before her senior photography session, we went to Epiphany Boutique in Fayetteville NC and picked out a ton of clothes for her session. We had so much fun playing dress up and matching the cutest clothes with amazing accessories. If you want to check out the behind the scenes, CLICK HERE to view it on Instagram!

Finally the day came and it was Village Senior Ashlynn’s session day! We started with professional hair and makeup by Shelly. Her and Ashlynn came up with the perfect look to match her outfits we had planned out!

We started off by going to Village Christian Academy’s football field. Ashlynn is a varsity cheerleader for Village and wanted to take pictures in her uniform.

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography (2)

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography (3)

Isn’t she stinkin’ adorable?! She has been cheering pretty much her entire life and even competes on All Star teams, such as Cheer Extreme in Raleigh! When she told me I had to watch some of their performances, and WOW! They are amazing!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography (5)Fayetteville NC Senior Photography (4)

Yup, you read all that right. Ashlynn cheers for TWO teams, and is a total cheer beast. I mean look at that heel stretch!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography (6)Fayetteville NC Senior Photography (7)

And her jumps blew me away too! She didn’t even stretch or warm up before she jumped and was hitting each with perfect precision. Don’t even get me started on her tumbling yet.

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography (8)Fayetteville NC Senior Photography (9)

She was so powerful and her tucks were so high and precise! It is no wonder this girl is winning state and national championships left and right!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography (1)

This was one of my FAVORITE shots of Ashlynn!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography (10)

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0031

Ashlynn is so sweet too. For someone to be so accomplished, she is still so humble about all her success.

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0032

This Village Christian Senior won state championships in 2015, and got second place at state in 2016! But instead of bragging about herself, she brags about her team and the friends she has made.

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0034

This is her state championship ring!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0035

I loooooved her fun and bubbly personality! She was  down for anything! I seriously had SO much fun hanging out with her and jamming to music!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0036

Seriously, how cute is she?! It’s no wonder she has been snagged up by her boyfriend for so long! <3

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0037

After goofing around and having some fun, we turned to do a few more serious ones. Ashlynn is such an incredible athlete, and I wanted to capture some of her edge.

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0038

It didn’t last too long, we were back to her fun and bright side again!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0039

Ok. Hahaha getting these next few shots was by far the funniest thing I have done on a shoot. We were walking around trying to see if there were any more shots at Village we wanted to get, and that is when Ashlynn saw the field goal and said “It would be really awesome if I was up there!”. So we walk over to the field goal, and the closer we get to it the higher it seems. She tried scaling it herself but it was just too slick to do on her own. So Michelle and I based Ashlynn and extended her to the field goal! Hahaha I was a cheerleader myself, but I was never a base and I quickly gained a lot of appreciation for them! It was so much harder than it looks! But Ashlynn being the beastly flyer that she is handled it and picked up for my novice basing skills!

She got up there and we made the most of it. And when she was done she climbed and slid down like a ninja, making it look effortless.

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0040

We were done with her cheer photos, but we were quickly losing light! So we decided to not go to our previously planned second location and instead went downtown. Ashlynn told me she didn’t want her pictures to look like everyone else’s downtown, and she had really wanted a field and outdoorsy looking photos, so I took her to one of my favorite spots downtown as she changed into her clothes from Epiphany Boutique.

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0041

Can you believe that this spot is right in the heart of downtown Fayetteville North Carolina?!  Pulling up I knew Ashlynn and her mom must have thought I was crazy, but Ashlynn was so relaxed and upbeat about having to change her location last minute. She seriously acts so much older than she really is!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0042

I loooooved her outfit and how she chose to accessorize. We paired the black dress with pops of teal and added gold bangles to polish off the look.

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0049

Ashlynn told me how she was trying to decide what school she wanted to attend, but she was really thinking about following her mom’s footsteps and attending ‘Bama!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0043

Whatever this firecracker decides to do and attend, I know she will be wildly successful at it!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0044

Gah! Isn’t she simply STUNNING?!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0045

This was one of Ashlynn’s favorites, and I have to agree!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0046

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0048

She was so fierce and sassy! I loved it!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0050

She changed clothes and chose leather leggings, booties, and a cute leopard top. I love the fierceness!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0051

It was close to Christmas and all the lights were out. So we had to play with turning the lights into sparkles! <3

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0052

It was getting dark pretty dang fast, so we got super creative with our lighting and backgrounds! This was right by the SkyView on Hay Street!

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0053

Fayetteville NC Senior Photography_0054

Ashlynn was such a fun person to work with. I can’t wait to see where life takes her and what she will accomplish next. Thanks Ashlynn for choosing me to be your Senior Photographer!


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