As an avid equestrian myself, I totally get that obsession you have with your horse. I understand how hard you have worked, and the blood, sweat and tears that you both have put in to get to exactly where you are today. I too have known the joy in the triumphs, the pain in broken bones and bruises, and the indescribable bond that you have with your horse.

I understand you and the relationship between you and your horse. I live it every day with my rescue/show horse Athena.

“But why should I get professional portraits taken?”

Because I too understand the pain of your best friend leaving. In my 15+ years of owning and riding horses, I understand the pain in losing your horse. As a military brat, the Army told my family to move to Japan, which forced us to sell our horses. Devastation does not begin to cover what I felt.

I own three, 2×3 photographs of my Arabian, Rose.


I wish more than ever I had more photos of my best friend. I wish that I had someone capture the bond that we had to remember her by.

But you don’t have to be like me. You can have high quality images to remember your teammate, your best friend by for years to come.



By going through Southern Horse Photography for your equestrian portraits, you will work with someone who understands horses, how to interact with them, and how to pose and handle them properly. From my tips and tricks to make your horse photo ready, to my “horse sense” to not put you or your horse in a dangerous situation, and to sharing the horse love that only few can understand, I am the best photographer to tell the story you have with your horse.