2017 Spokesmodels | Fayetteville North Carolina Senior Photography

Ya’ll. I am SO excited to share with you the images behind our 2017 Spokesmodel shoot! <3 It was AMAZING. I had such a wonderful time getting to know each of the girls this year.

Big thanks to Brittany from Sunshine Artistry for the wonderful hair and makeup. I  adore working with her, and she does such an amazing job. Be sure to check her out for makeup and spray tanning!

Also another big thanks to Epiphany Boutique for letting us borrow some cute dresses and acessories! Be sure to check out my FAVORITE boutique in Fayetteville!

We first started out by getting ready with hair and makeup. I had so much fun getting to know these awesome girls! Then we drove over to our location and got started. I was so very excited to start shooting! The girls looked AMAZING! <3

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0096

(From left to right) We have Ashlyn, McKenzie, Ally, Karsen, Morgan, and Lexi participating as this years SpokesModels!

Here are some behind the scenes of Brittany doing her thaaaaaaaaang!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0086Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0088

I looooooooved all the details of this shoot. The hair, the makeup, the jewelry, the tattoos!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0089Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0095Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0094Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0093Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0092Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0091Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0090Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0106Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0114

First we have Ally!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0130

Ally is a 2017 senior at Terry Sanford High School!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0131

She loves to play volleyball and hopes to play in college!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0133

Love all the little details from our shoot, like these metallic tattoos!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0132

Ally was so sweet and fun to work with!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0134

I was so happy that she was adventurous enough to try out that headband! She totally pulled it off!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0135

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0136

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0137

Next we have Ashlyn! <3

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0076

Ashlyn is a Class of 2018 Junior and was one of my Spokesmodels last year!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0077

She is by far one of my most active SpokesModels. I really enjoy working with her!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0078

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0079

Ashlyn is so kind and always down for whatever I put her in!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0080

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0081

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0082

Next is Karsen!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0107

Karsen is a 2017 Senior at Village Christian Academy!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0108

She loves flowers, her favorite are sunflowers!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0109

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0110

She hopes to go to NC State after high school!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0111

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0112

I had so much fun working with Karsen! I can’t wait for our next shoot together!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0113

Up next is Lexi!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0115

Lexi is a Class of 2018 Junior at Gray’s Creek High School!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0116

Her and I instantly clicked because she wants to be a photographer when she gets out of high school! (Ha! See what I did there?!) ;)

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0117

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0118

She is already taking amazing pictures. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in the future!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0119

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0120

And apparently Lexi is a force to be reckoned with. She won the state title for taekwondo in 2013! How cool is that?!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0121

Next up is Morgan!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0122

Morgan is a 2017 Senior at Village Christian Academy!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0123

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0124

Morgan is the cheerleading captain at Village!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0125

She already has one state championship under her belt!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0126

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0127

She was so funny and was making us laugh the whole time! Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0128

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0129

McKenzie is next!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0071

She is a 2017 Senior at Terry Sanford High School!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0072

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0073

The first thing I picked up on McKenzie was how incredibly driven she is!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0074

She has goals to be a therapist and work with children and is totally focused on that!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0075

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0083

I know she will do amazing things and help so many people!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0084

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0085

I already adore these girls!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0098

I couldn’t decide between color and black and white. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0097

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0099

They could totally be goofy, sweet and fun and then totally fierce the next.

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0100

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0101

Not to mention they were so dang easy to photograph! They followed direction so well and nailed every pose!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0102

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0103

We missed a few returning Spokesmodels this year, Alexis from Gray’s Creek, Lindsee from Cape Fear High, and Savannah from Cape Fear High.

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0104

Aren’t they just the cutest?!

Fayetteville Senior Photographer_0105

I had so, so, SO much fun with these lovely ladies! Sometimes as professional photographers, we get kind of burnt out. This shoot, and hanging out with these girls (and Brittany too!) was so refreshing and recharging!


Do you recognize a lovely lady? Which image was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to give these girls some love! <3


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