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I just absolutely had to save this couple for Valentines Day! Talk about a love story! <3 Briana and Steven are one of those rare couples that make it out of high school. Mmmmhm you read that right, they are high school sweethearts! AND they have been married for 5 years. How incredible is that?!

So they celebrated with an anniversary session here in Fayetteville NC, and since they are from New Mexico, they wanted to capture the South, the great state of North Carolina, and the stunning cotton fields that pop up in the early fall. Briana is a phenomenal photographer herself (Check out here work HERE!), so I was pretty nervous to be their photographer and be trusted with this couple’s photos!

I personally love cotton fields, and I was so excited to find a Fayetteville NC field that hadn’t been picked yet! It made for one happy engagement and wedding photographer!

Fayetteville Wedding Photographer_0144

It was easy to see that Briana and Steven were so comfortable around each other. You could tell that being in each other’s arms are their favorite and most comforting place. SO sweet!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0013

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0014

They were married right out of high school, and he joined the military. A little over a year after they were married, they welcomed a baby girl named Lily into the world. Trust me ya’ll, she is ADORABLE. Briana and Steven also JUST had a baby boy, and are a cute happy family of four!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0015

Pretty sure they belong on the cover of a Nicholas Sparks novel. <3

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0016

It was so refreshing to see a couple who have been together but still have that honeymoon air about them!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0017

What stood out to me the most was how they want their kids to perceive their marriage. They want their children to know that real love is out there, and it can be kind, magical, real, and perfect. They both want a love and marriage their kids look up to, and they think about that and how they treat each other. They really inspired me!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0018

I seriously felt like I was photographing a Disney love story in the fields of Fayetteville North Carolina!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0019

I love her heart shaped ring! <3 Seriously it is the perfect ring for someone who loves love so dang much!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0012

They were so kind to each other, and you could tell they truly respected the other.

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0007

They were so easy going and laughed, played, and teased each other the entire time! I love seeing sparks still flying, after nearly 5 years of being married!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0011

The thing that makes their love truly special is that they have faced horrible adversity together. Steven was in the 82nd Airborne and was severely injured overseas.

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0008

After months in various hospitals, surgeries, and physical therapy, he was medically discharged out of the military and still deals with his permanent injuries today.

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0009

Briana stood by him and was there for him throughout the entire healing process, and he strives to work harder for his family. It is clear that they really draw their strength from each other.

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0010

Even though they have been hit with tons of trials, they are still happy, loving, and kind. That takes such strength!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0005

Next we set up a little picnic!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0006

They enjoy drinking wine together, but their favorite is oreos and milk! I love it!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0003

Steven plays guitar and sings, so he started playing for Briana.

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0001

Pretty sure I witnessed an adorable movie scene! It was perfect! Briana has a selfie that she took when he said “I love you” for the first time, and she wanted to recreate in a special way. We set it up and got the right image!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0002

Since it was their 5th anniversary, they wanted to capture it too. I was so honored to be a part of their love story, and so thrilled to have gotten to know them. I loved photographing them and hanging out with them that afternoon!

Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0004

We also snapped a few of the family (have to update the family addition with the new addition!). I am so inspired by their love, how they treat each other, and the example they set for their children. Fayetteville Couple Engagement Wedding Photographer_0020

It is always wonderful to see couples with sparks flying, blushing cheeks, and a closeness between them. That is exactly the type of love Briana and Steven have. <3

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