Caitlyn Senior Session| Fayetteville, NC | Village Christian Senior Photography

Caitlyn was a super sweet 2016 Senior from Village Christian Academy!

Southern Pines Senior Photographer

Caitlyn is an AMAZING soccer player. She played on multiple teams and traveled all over for games. She is so dedicated to the sport! Southern Pines Senior Photographer

Caitlyn was so very humble and sweet. She trusted me with helping her style her session and her poses. When she saw the back of the camera after the first set, she almost cried she loved them so much! Southern Pines Senior Photographer

Caitlyn was a dream to work with. She was funny and followed direction so well. Southern Pines Senior Photographer

Caitlyn is now attending William Peace University and plays soccer for them! Southern Pines Senior Photographer

She is such a hard worker and is one of the most responsible seniors I met! She not only attends college full time, but also plays soccer for them and works at Chick-Fil-A! She is so busy, but if anyone can pull it all off it is her! Southern Pines Senior Photographer

Caitlyn sometimes gets to visit her family back home and absolutely loves it when she does. She has so much love for her family! Southern Pines Senior Photographer

Oh goodness, isn’t her smile amazing?! It can light up an entire room! Southern Pines Senior Photographer

Caitlyn went for a country look, and I loved it so very much! Doesn’t she look like she belongs on an album cover?! Southern Pines Senior Photographer

What really struck me about Caitlyn was how close she was to the Lord and how much faith she has. Not many have the faith that she does! Southern Pines Senior Photographer

During her session we talked about everything under the sun, from soccer, to school, to her college options, to animals, and music.

Southern Pines Senior Photographer

Caitlyn is so very mature for her age. I kept forgetting she was in high school! Southern Pines Senior Photographer

We had so much fun during her shoot at Carver Creek State Park!

Southern Pines Senior PhotographerSouthern Pines Senior Photographer

I thoroughly enjoyed every time spent with Caitlyn and her family. They made everything so easy and fun to do. I could talk to them for hours upon hours. They were so kind, humble, and caring. I was so very honored they chose me to do their senior photos!

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